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Dispatch and Online Dues Payments

Dispatch and Online Dues Payments above should be used to modify contact information.

In person book signing will resume May 3rd, 2021. Signing by phone will no longer be an option beginning this date.

Monthly Resign

At the IBEW 38th International Convention, Resolution No. 35 called for parity among all construction local unions with regard to re-sign procedures. It has been deemed that the re-sign period that will be mandated nationwide will begin on the 10th and end on the 16th of every month.

IBEW Local 351 adopted the language effective January 1, 2013.

CLICK HERE for additional details.

Please include the following information when you re-sign:

  •     First Name
  •     Last Name
  •     IBEW Card Number
  •     Phone Number
  •     Home Local Number
  •     Email Address

The following are the contact methods:

FAX: 609-704-8473

Resign Button: for local 351 members through Online dispatch

Online Dispatch: All local 351 members can access the Online Dispatch system by CLICKING HERE!

When you login the first time use the username and password issued to you.

After your first login you will be required to enter a personalized password. Please do not share this password with anyone.

Please review and update your contact information in your personal profile once you log in. We also recommend that you review your list of skills to make sure they are accurate. If you find a discrepancy with any of your skills please contact the Union Hall to make additions or changes.

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