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Welcome to the website for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 351. Our local was established in 1994, but the IBEW has been proudly serving all of South Jersey for over 100 years. Our highly skilled electricians can be seen on many of the high profile jobs you drive by every day. We are happy to partner with the area’s top companies to ensure safe and efficient jobs.

Member events

2018 Local 351 Picnic – August 4th

2018 Local 351 Golf Outing – September 22nd

Union Meetings will only be canceled due to a state of emergency.


Sponsored by Local Union 351 IBEW & South Jersey NECA. All Applicants Must have the following in order to apply: High school diploma or GED, Successfully completed one year of H.S. Algebra 1, A valid driver’s license, 19 years of age or older, live within our jurisdiction. Applications will be taken Wednesdays all year from 10:00 […]


Q&A with The IBEW’s Power Player Rep. Donald Norcross of New Jersey –

Most IBEW members are more familiar working with the kind of power that flows through wires than the kind of power that moves through the marble halls of the Capitol. But as the Electrical Workers’ recent series about members in elected office shows, the IBEW is a crucial part of raising the voice of working […]